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Welcome to Lotus Fire Wellness and Nutrition...I'm Amber Williams...


Welcome to Lotus Fire Nutrition and Wellness! I'm Amber Williams, a Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner (CNTP), wife, mom, and avid gardener. My love of biology and wonder at the human body combined with my own health struggles led me to my passion for helping women find healing through making the connection between their gut and hormones.

My natural curiosity served me well when I was struggling with my own fertility and health challenges. It was during this time that I enrolled at the Nutrition Therapy Institute. What I learned was foundational in restoring my own health.  Not only did I get pregnant, but the migraines that had plagued me almost weekly were reduced to a few times a year and my daily nausea (and other gut symptoms) disappeared! Weeks before graduating I became pregnant, and I now have a boisterous toddler.


Through both my education and my own healing journey I have learned that healing occurs holistically. Yes, we must find and address the physical factors inhibiting your bodies natural healing capacity, but almost always there is more, so we look to other lifestyle factors. From sleep and movement to emotional and spiritual wellness.

I use my education and personal experience to help women connect to their bodies and to get to the root of the imbalances that result in the symptoms they are experiencing. My role is to guide you as you put in the hard work to regain health and vitality!


If you are tired of the way you feel, struggle with various gut and hormone problems and are ready to dig in and work hard to restore balance and want someone to guide you on your journey, then schedule a free discovery call to see if we are a good match!​

Proper nutrition supports the health of the gut, immune system, reproductive system and so much more!

The University of Colorado at Boulder - 2003
B.A. in Environmental, Population, and Organismic Biology
Nutrition Therapy Institute - 2019
Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner 
Restorative Wellness Practitioner - Level 1

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