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Digestive Health

A Healthier You

Suffering from digestive distress? Gas, bloating, cramping, food sensitivity, constipation, leaky gut or other gut issues? Even anxiety or other mood disorders can be related to a disturbance in gut health. The gut produces neurotransmitters that send signals via the enteric nervous system to the brain, thus affecting our mood. Leaky gut allows food particles and other substances to cross into the blood stream inducing inflamation throughout the body. Poor absorption of nutrients can lead to fatigue and a host of other symptoms. 

Gut health is foundational to our well being, as any one who lives with chronic gut issues can tell you. Many people with gut issues end up eating a very restritcted diet in an attempt to avoid triggers while still experiencing problematic symptoms. However, a varied diet is not only important to an enjoyable life, but also to good health. 

Restoring gut health often does involve a period of restriction in order to allow the gut to heal, but by addressing the underlying issues and restoring gut health, you can once again enjoy eating a more varied and healthful diet.  You can feel vibrant in your body!

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