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Spicey Cashews

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

There was a time nuts were considered unhealthy because of their fat content, but it turns out they are a great source of healthy fats, fiber and micronutrients.

They can be particularly beneficial for men or women planning or trying to conceive and to women who are already pregnant. Folate, calcium, iron and zinc are important fertility nutrients and can be found in almonds, cashews, peanuts, pecans, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds. Check out the infographic at the bottom of the page for specifics on the nutrients the various nuts contain and for a few more ideas!

Eating a wide variety of nuts and seeds will gain you a diversity of vitamins and minerals. And who doesn't like a good nut?

Try this recipe for spiced cashews or almonds! Or a mix of the two. It is spicy, savory, and just a little bit sweet!

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