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Preconception Nutrition

Planning for a baby? Did you know both men and women's lifestyle choices before conception have an impact on fertility, fetal development and your child's life long health?

 Learn how to make choices that optimize this preconception window.

In recent years scientists have begun to understand that gene expression can be influenced through our environment. Our genes code for specific proteins. For example, insulin. But environmental factors tell our genes how much of that protein to produce. Think of the protein produced by the gene as a dimmer light switch set at a specific level. Environmental factors can move the dimmer switch up or down.


This is especially true in sperm and eggs. The DNA in these cells are covered in "tags" that influence gene expression both during conception, fetal development, childhood and into a child's adult life. They can even effect your child's reproductive cells and therefore how healthy their kids will be. 

This can feel scary or overwhelming, especially if we made some questionable choice in our youth.


But it doesn't have to be.  Instead we can make empowering choices in the months before conception that will help support fertility and the health of your baby at birth and into their adult life. 

To learn more about ways to optimize both parents' nutrition during preconception and/or mom's nutrition during pregancy, please contact me to setup an appointment. 

Team up with me to learn which lifestyle choices you can make prior to conception that can provide a foundation of health for your baby both in their early years and as adults. 

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