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Pregnant Belly

Pregnancy Nutrition

I became pregnant with my daughter just before I graduated from the Nutrition Therapy Institute.  So I knew how to eat for a healthy pregnancy. But what I didn't realize was how hard that would be when so many of the healthy foods I love made me unbelievably nasueous. In addition I have an intolerance to dairy and while pregnant I developed an intolerance to eggs. Then I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. The normal pregnancy restrictions and these added restrictions made it very difficult to eat enough, not one of my normal problems! In addition, I had all kinds of feelings of guilt about having gestational diabetes, even though I know that it is caused by hormone changes and not anything that I had done. Sorting through my feelings and learning a whole new way to eat made me want to help other women struggling during this time. We as mommas want more than anything to nurture our babies by making good choices, but it can be more challenging than we imagine. 

Pregnancy is a time of opportunity. There are so many things we can do during this time to support and nurture our baby, but it can be challenging. If you need help and support during this time contact me to see how I can help you make confident nutrition and lifestyle choices that support you and your baby's health.

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