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Fresh Produce

Weight Loss

Learn to nourish your body and soul. Instead of just another diet, let's focus on intuitive eating, nourishing your heart and soul so you thrive, and nourishing your body with real whole foods.

My holistic approach to weight loss will focus on teaching you how to nourish your body. Not all calories are created equal. Some foods change your body's metabolism. We will also look at sleep practices. Sleep has a profound effect on weight loss and health, as does stress. We will also examine beliefs around nutrition and I will ask you to look at where you feel undernourished in your life. 

Honoring Your Body

Many of us have forgotten how to listen to our bodies and to really honor when our body tells us it is full or hungry. Remembering how to listen to our bodies is key to successfully losing weight. Exploring where we feel undernourished in our lives is another avenue to weight loss, because when our heart and soul is not nourished, we find other ways to feel nourished, such as through food. 

I'm here to help you create a healthy life you love - to feel healthy and vibrant and comfortable in your body! While weight loss may be an aspect of achieving greater health, this work is not about creating the perfect body, but rather having a body that feels great!

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